School Psychology, Sixth Year Certificate

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers:

Program Sequence - 38 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation. 

One year of full-time continuous study is required followed by a year-long internship (a minimum of 1200 hours in a school-based site and a concurrent seminar). The Sixth Year program consists of:

Required Core Courses
CSP 534 – Individual Assessment II & Lab – 4 credits
CSP 535 – Individual Assessment III & Lab – 4 credits
CSP 536 - Practicum I & Seminar - 3 credits
CSP 537 - Practicum II & Seminar - 3 credits
CSP 606 – Counseling Children & Adolescents in Schools – 3 credits
CSP 638 – School Psychological Intervention Techniques – 3 credits
CSP 674 – Consultation in Schools – 3 credits
CSP 692 - Advanced Research Methods & Program Evaluation - 3 credits
CSP 652 - Internship in School Psychology (2 semesters) - 6 credits
CSP 653 - Professional Internship Seminar in School Psychology (2 semesters) - 6 credits

Additional Requirements

Students in the Sixth Year program are required to pass an oral comprehensive examination. The oral comprehensive examination is typically held at the beginning of the semester following the student's completion of Practicum I.

Students in the Sixth Year program are required to complete an electronic portfolio of their graduate program coursework and other program requirements as outlined in the program’s student handbook.

Praxis® II– Examination in School Psychology

All students completing the School Psychology Sixth Year program must take the Praxis® Specialty Examination in School Psychology and achieve a passing score prior to beginning Internship. The passing score is designated by the current NASP National Certification (NCSP) guidelines. A passing score is also required in order to graduate from the program. Students should consult NCSP application guidelines for the most current information about passing scores.

Students should request the Praxis® II test scores be sent electronically to SCSU using the institutional code R3662 when registering to take the test. Students must also submit a copy of their full score report, including sub-scores, to the Program Coordinator once scores are received.