Reading, Sixth Year Certificate - Reading and Language Arts Consultant

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Application Deadline

Spring — December 1
Fall — August 1
Summer — May 1

The Graduate Reading Program provides programs of study for certified teachers at the elementary and secondary levels.

Graduate students who already have a Master's may fulfill requirements for the Sixth Year Professional Diploma, Reading and Language Arts Consultant Certification.Certification only options (no degree) may be available to interested candidates.

Application Requirements

Official Transcripts
Two Letters of Recommendation
Personal Essay (includes Program-Specific Rating Form)
Interview (see Program Specific Topic)
Copy of CT Teaching Certification

Sixth Year Professional Diploma

The Sixth Year professional program in Reading is for certified elementary and secondary teachers, Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Teachers, supervisors, administrators, and higher education personnel who have a master 's degree.

Reading and Language Arts Consultant — 39 credits

With the help of an adviser, students plan a 39-credit program to fulfill the Sixth Year Certificate requirements. To become certified as a Reading and Language Arts Consultant, candidates must have a valid teaching certificate in another area (e.g. elementary education), 30 months of full-time teaching, and successfully complete courses in developmental reading and language arts, reading in the content areas, diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties, tests and measurements, clinical practices in reading, literacy, research, school wide literacy leadership and school wide literacy intervention. Ten months of teaching experience under the 102 (Reading Specialist) is also required. Candidates qualify for the 102 after completing eight courses * from the first two strands of the sixth year program.

Requirements (seven 500 level courses and five 600 level courses):

RDG 520* — Fundamentals of Language and Literacy — 3 credits
RDG 565* — Content Area Reading and Language Arts in Middle and Secondary Schools — 3 credits
RDG 566* — Developmental Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School — 3 credits
RDG 567* — Tests, Measurements, and Evaluation in the Reading and Language Arts Program 
RDG 568* — Practicum in Diagnosis of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties — 3 credits
RDG 570* — Literacy Interventions for Struggling Readers and Writers — 3 credits
RDG 585* — Writing Instruction in the Reading and Language Arts Program — 3 credits
RDG 649 — Diversity in Literacy — 3 credits
RDG 659* — Practicum in Remedial Reading and Language Arts — 3 credits
RDG 662 — Developing and Leading the School Literacy Program — 3 credits
RDG 665 — Practicum and Seminar in Reading and Language Arts Research — 3 credits
RDG 672 — Designing and Implementing the School Literacy Intervention Program — 3 credits
RDG 676 — Practicum in Developing and Leading the School Literacy Program —3 credits