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For further information:

Application Deadline

Applications may be submitted until May 1. Students are admitted to the Master of Public Health program in the fall semester.

Master of Public Health Degree Program

To ensure a qualified, well-trained public health workforce, this fully online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program offers a planned program of study that provides prospective and current public-health workers with: a strong general background in areas of knowledge basic to public health, experience applying public health knowledge through independent research, a field placement experience under qualified supervision, and specialized coursework in health promotion.

The Program's Health Promotion specialization focuses on developing the capacity to address community health needs. Graduates are able to perform community assessment; plan, administer and evaluate health promotion and disease prevention programs; advocate effectively for sound public health policies; and provide leadership and innovation in the field.

National Accreditation

The MPH program is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). The planned program consists of 48 credits of study, including 27 credits of core coursework, 6 credits of culminating coursework (independent research), 3 credits of internship, and 12 credits of specialized study in health promotion.

Program Mission

The Mission of the Program is to promote its vision of "healthy people in healthy communities," a vision that implies social justice and health equity through:

• teaching and learning that contribute to a diverse, competent public health workforce trained for entry and more advanced positions in public health,
• research that advances the science and practice of public health, and
• service that promotes and protects the health of the public, uplifts the health experience of underserved populations, and enhances the profession.

Graduates of the MPH program will have the capacity to contribute effectively, ethically, and confidently to the essential services of public health. Graduates also will be prepared to use the scientific public health literature to assess health problems, formulate appropriate interventions, and ascertain best practices in the field; contribute to independent research; and perform health-related community service.

Core Course Competencies

The Association of Schools of Public Health has identified the core competencies for master-trained public health professionals. The design of Southern's M.P.H. program ensures that appropriate competencies are addressed in course work by the end of a student's program of study. M.P.H. students will demonstrate the competencies identified by the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) and CEPH as fundamental to public health practice. The competencies are organized around core disciplinary and interdisciplinary, cross-cutting areas.

Discipline-specific Competencies:

Cross-cutting and Emerging Public Health Competencies:

Program Sequence - 48 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Required Courses (36 credits, excluding Electives [6-9 credits] and Capstone [3-6 credits])

PCH 500 – Foundations of Public Health – 3 credits
PCH 504 – Health Promotion Practice – 3 credits
PCH 510 – Environmental Health – 3 credits
PCH 515 – Biostatistics – 3 credits
PCH 516 – Public Health Research – 3 credits
PCH 520 – Social and Behavioral Found on PH – 3 credits
PCH 548 – Public Health Administration – 3 credits
PCH 551 – Epidemiology – 3 credits
PCH 564 – Health Systems and Policy – 3 credits
PCH 577 – Program Planning and Evaluation – 3 credits
PCH 586 – Health Promotion Methods – 3 credits
PCH 595 – Public Health Internship – 3 credits

Elective Courses

*Choose 6-9 credits to apply towards the elective requirement. These courses must be offered at the graduate level and be pre-approved by the student’s advisor or the Graduate Coordinator.

Capstone (Select one):

Thesis (6 credits)
PCH 590 – Thesis Seminar I – 3 credits
PCH 591 – Thesis Seminar II – 3 credits

Special Project (3 credits)
PCH 593 – Special Project Capstone – 3 credits

Academic Standards and Requirements

• Students must achieve a final course grade of "C+" or higher in all public health core, specialization and culminating courses used to fulfill the requirements of the M.P.H. degree. Any course with an earned grade of less than "C+" must be repeated (the next time the course is offered) and passed with a minimum of "C+". In addition, students cannot repeat a course in the core or specialization more than once. An overall grade point average of 3.0 is required to begin the capstone and for graduation.
• All requirements for the M.P.H. degree must be completed within six years.
• An extension of the time to complete degree requirements may be granted only in cases of compelling, extenuating circumstances. To obtain an extension, a student must petition the graduate program coordinator prior to the expiration of the program.
• Applications for graduation must be submitted within the time limits established in the Academic Calendar. Graduation is not automatic upon completion of degree requirements. Students who do not apply for graduation will not graduate.

Admission Requirements

• Minimum required GPA 3.0

In addition to the Application for Admission to Graduate Study, transcripts, application fee and University immunization requirements, all applicants seeking admission to the M.P.H. program must submit the following documents directly to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies:

• Personal essay
• Two letters of recommendation
• Resume or CV
• An interview may be required; individuals selected for interview will be notified by the Graduate Coordinator once the application file is reviewed.