Public Administration, M.P.A .- Community Engagement

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  In addition, a 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for graduation. The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers:

Program Requirements (36-39 Credits)

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Core Requirements (24-27 Credits)
MPA 500 – Foundations of Public Administration
Program Assessment and Evaluation. Choose 1 course from:
          PSC 501 – Research Methods in Political Science
          PCH 577 – Program Planning and Evaluation
Research Methods and Policy Analysis. Choose 1 course from:
          PSC 527 – Seminar in Public Policy  
          SWK  511 Social Welfare Policy Analysis
Organizational Behavior and Theory. Choose 1 course from:
          MBA 504 – Organizational Behavior
          PCH 548 – Public Health Administration
          SWK  560 – Social Administration
MBA 532 – Human Resources Management
MBA 541 – Budgeting and Financial Management
Public Management, Leadership, and Accountability. Choose 1 course from:
          PSC 512 – Public Leadership
          PCH 549 – Public Health Leadership
          REC 577 – Leadership Development
          SWK 538 – Leadership and Management: Theory and Practice
MPA 597 – Public Administration Internship (6 credits, 3 credits waived w/1+ year of managerial exp.)

Concentration Requirements (9 Credits)
Choose any 3 courses from the following list:
REC 533 – Socio-leisure Needs of Individuals with Disabilities
REC 557 – Emerging Legal Issues in Recreation and Leisure
REC 570 – Foundations of Leisure and Recreation
REC 574 – Park and Recreation Management
REC 577 – Leadership Development
REC 579 – Principles of Community Development Through Recreation
REC 599 – Grantsmanship  

Capstone Requirements (3 Credits)
MPA 595 – Public Administration Capstone