Physical Activity and Chronic Disease, M.S. (Online)

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 

Program Sequence - 33 Credits

(27 Credits for Students in Accelerated Pathway Program)

Core Requirements - 27 Credits
(21 Credits for Students in Accelerated Pathway Program)
*Courses completed at undergraduate level for students in accelerated program.
HMS 500 - Foundations of Exercise Physiology
HMS 510 - Epidemiology, Physical Activity, and Chronic Disease 
HMS 554 - Research Techniques*
HMS 578 - Behavior Change in Health and Physical Activity*
HMS 581 - Physical Activity Programming and Evaluation
HMS 584 - Health Promotion, Strategies in Physical Activity
PCH 500 - Foundations of Public Health 
PCH 515 - Biostatistics
PCH 564 - Health Systems and Policy

Capstone: Thesis or Internship - 6 credits
Thesis Track:
HMS 590 Thesis Seminar: Proposal Development
HMS 591 - Thesis Completion 

HMS 595 Internship in Health and Movement Sciences
Elective course in the field (select 3 credits):

CSP 569 - Theories of Counseling
CSP 578 - Social and Cultural Diversity
HMS 555 - Obesity Prevention and Treatment
PCH 520 Social and Behavioral Foundations in Public Health
REC 533 - Socio-Lesiure Needs of Individuals with Disabilities
REC 572 - Planning and Development of Recreation Programs and Leisure
SHE 508 - Contemporary Issues in Adolescent Health
SHE 570 - Advocacy and Leadership in School Health
SWK 550 - Human Behavior and Social Environment
SWK 551 - Diversity, Oppression, and Social Functioning