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The M.A. in History (Concentration: Accelerated Pathway) provides high-achieving students with an opportunity to finish their graduate degree in one year following successful completion of the B.S. in History 7-12 (Concentration: BS to MA Accelerated Pathway) at Southern Connecticut State University. For further information: HistoryGrad@southernct.edu

Application Deadline

Undergraduate students at Southern Connecticut State University are encouraged to apply for graduate admission no later than the spring semester of their senior year in collaboration with a faculty advisor in the History department. All materials should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions the Friday prior to the start of spring break. Students will select the M.A. in History program with the Accelerated Pathway concentration.  Please consult the admission requirements below and within the Admission section of the graduate catalog for more information.

Admission Procedures

Students interested in applying for admission to the M.A. in History (Concentration: Accelerated Pathway) should apply online through the Office of Graduate Admissions website: www.southernct.edu/gradadmissions. All applicants must complete the Office of Graduate Admissions application.  In addition, they must submit two letters of recommendation and a 500-word statement of purpose.  The applicant’s current SCSU transcript will be automatically added to the application.         

Candidates seeking admission are expected to have completed their bachelor’s degree requirements and attained a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (out of 4.0).  Students will be granted early acceptance to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies through the Office of Graduate Admissions, which is conditional upon meeting all requirements as listed above. A final transcript noting the degree and date awarded must be received be the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to the beginning of the first semester of graduate enrollment.  Once the Office of Graduate Admissions notifies applicants that their file is complete, the student must contact the Graduate Coordinator for the History department to write a planned program of study.  Upon final approval of the application and planned program of study by the Office of Graduate Admissions, those accepted into the program will receive a letter of acceptance from the Office of Graduate Admissions and a copy of the planned program verifying their status as a matriculated graduate student.

International applicants should refer to the Admission of International Students subsection of the Application and Admissions section of this catalog for the additional applications requirements.  

Master of Arts Degree — 30 Credits

The Master of Arts degree is designed to afford certified teachers the opportunity to strengthen content knowledge of history and to provide highly motivated students greater foundational knowledge in history necessary to pursue doctoral studies.

The program of study consists of 27 credits of coursework in a chosen major and minor field of history and a 3 credit special project.  With the approval of the History Graduate Coordinator, students may elect up to 6 credits of their course work in other social science or humanities fields. Reading ability in one modern foreign language is encouraged.

Program Sequence

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  9 credits of graduate coursework will be completed within the B.S. in History 7-12 (Concentration: BS to MA Accelerated Pathway) and the student will have 21 credits of graduate coursework remaining.

BS to MA Accelerated Pathway

9 credits required to be completed during the student's senior year of undergraduate study.  Student will select 9 credits of HIS courses at the 500-level.  The additional requirements below will be completed during the student's graduate program of study.

One U.S. History Graduate Course

HIS 513 – The Transformation of American Society 1877-1917 – 3 credits
HIS 515 – American Overland Trail – 3 credits
HIS 518 – A Women's Place is in the Curriculum: A Multicultural Approach – 3 credits
HIS 520 – Sex, Race, and the American Law – 3 credits
HIS 530 – American Radical Tradition – 3 credits
HIS 534 – History of Women in the Profession – 3 credits
HIS 536 – Progressive and Modern Women in the U.S.A. – 3 credits
HIS 551 – The Colonial Period in U.S. History – 3 credits
HIS 555 – The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877 – 3 credits
HIS 557 – The American Revolution and the Civil War: Comparative Perspectives – 3 credits
HIS 559 – The New Deal – 3 credits
HIS 562 – Seminar in the History of American Diplomacy – 3 credits
HIS 563 – History of Urban America – 3 credits
HIS 566 – History of American Radicalism – 3 credits
HIS 567 – Gender and Ethnicity in American History – 3 credits
HIS 569 – American Indian History – 3 credits
HIS 590 – Seminar in American Intellectual History – 3 credits

One European History Graduate Course

HIS 506 – English Nationalism – 3 credits
HIS 516 – Stalinism –3 credits
HIS 517 – Russian Revolution – 3 credits
HIS 521 – Mediterranean City: Salonika – 3 credits
HIS 523 – Religion and Soc. Byzantine Empire – 3 credits
HIS 539 – German Foreign Policy: 1933-45 – 3 credits
HIS 541 – European Culture & Great War – 3 credits
HIS 564 – Seminar in Early Modern Europe – 3 credits
HIS 568 – Seminar in Late Modern Europe – 3 credits
HIS 570 – Seminar in Modern Europe – 3 credits
HIS 573 – History of the Medieval Europe Church – 3 credits
HIS 575 – Nazi Germany and the Holocaust – 3 credits
HIS 576 – Stalin in Power – 3 credits
HIS 581 – The World War I Era – 3 credits
HIS 586 – Seminar in the Origins of Rome to 44 BCE – 3 credits
HIS 589 – Tudor-Stuart England – 3 credits
HIS 591 – Seminar in European Intellectual History – 3 credits

One Non-Western Graduate Course

HIS 501 – Mainland Southeast Asia – 3 credits
HIS 505 – Chinese Environmental History – 3 credits
HIS 508 – Contemporary World History – 3 credits
HIS 509 – The Muslim World – 3 credits
HIS 526 – History: Franco-Vietminh War – 3 credits
HIS 528 – Puerto Rico and the Caribbean – 3 credits
HIS 529 – Southeast Asia to 1850 – 3 credits
HIS 533 – Hawaiian History and Culture – 3 credits
HIS 542 – Trade in Society in West Africa – 3 credits
HIS 548 – China Since Western Impact – 3 credits
HIS 549 – Chine Under Communism – 3 credits
HIS 571 – The Medieval Middle East – 3 credits
HIS 572 – The Modern Middle East – 3 credits
HIS 578 – Early Chinese Texts – 3 credits
HIS 580 – Teaching Middle East & Islam – 3 credits
HIS 582 – Vietnam War: New Documents – 3 credits


9 credits in any graduate level history (up to 6 credits of graduate level course work in another social science or humanities field may be selected with Graduate Program Coordinator approval).


HIS 600 – Special Project – 3 credits

The special project provides an opportunity for students to complete an academically rigorous project that contributes in a meaningful way to the academic and professional community.  The special project involves the integration and application of discipline-specific knowledge, concepts, theory, and skills in the development of a tangible product accompanied by a written report describing the process and results of the product's development.  Students complete a special project to demonstrate the ability to independently utilize and apply the information and training they have received as objective evidence of their aptitude in history.  The master's degree is conferred after successful completion of a minimum of 30 credits including the special project.