Educational Leadership, Sixth Year Certificate - Intermediate Administrator

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The Sixth Year Program in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare qualified and effective organizational leaders, primarily in the field of education. Those who successfully complete a planned program of at least 30 credit hours within six years are awarded a Professional Diploma of Advanced Graduate Study. Educators who hold certificates for service in the public schools and meet experience requirements may qualify for certification as Intermediate Administration or Supervision through prescribed coursework, fieldwork, and assessment processes of the sixth year program.

Certification through this program provides its graduates the foundational knowledge for positions as assistant principal, principal, staff developer, supervisor of instruction, curriculum coordinator, assistant superintendent of schools, department chairperson and supervisor in special subjects or fields such as art, elementary or secondary education, health and physical education, special education, pupil services, and subject matter disciplines.


As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Students must maintain an Overall GPA and a Program GPA of a 3.2 or higher.

Required Courses for a Sixth Year Diploma
EDL 680 – School Administration: Leadership Perspectives – 3 credits
EDL 681 – School Administration: Leadership Development – 3 credits
EDL 684 – Learning Theory into Practice – 3 credits
EDL 685 – Curriculum Development – 3 credits
EDL 682 – School Administration: Organizational Development – 3 credits
EDL 683 – Supervision and Staff Development – 3 credits
EDL 687 – Internship/Field Practice I – 1.5 credits
EDL 688 – Internship/Field Practice II – 1.5 credits
EDL 602 – School Law – 3 credits
EDL 657 – School Finance – 3 credits
EDL 689 – Seminar in Administration – 3 credits


Graduate students enrolled in this program who hold a Teaching Certificate and have five years of successful teaching experience in a public school or an approved non-public school may be recommended for an Initial Educator Certificate for Intermediate Administrator or Supervision upon completion of the program requirements and any additional Connecticut State Department requirements.