Counselor Education and Supervision, Ed.D.

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The program course outline and graduation requirements for this catalog year are listed below.  The department website provides an overview of the program, including admission requirements, faculty biographies, learning outcomes, and careers: 

Program Requirements - 48 credits

CSP 722 Introduction to Advanced Applied Statistics and Data Analysis – 3 credits 
CSP 800 Advanced Counseling Research Design – 3 credits 
CSP 801 Introduction to Counseling Supervision – 3 credits 
CSP 805 Counselor Education Teaching and Practice – 3 credits 
CSP 808 Advanced Counseling Supervision and Consultation – 3 credits 
CSP 809 Current Issues, Ethics, and Professional Identity – 2 credits 
CSP 815 Qualitative Methods – 3 credits 
CSP 816 Program Evaluation in Counseling Settings – 3 credits 
CSP 856 Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice – 3 credits 
CSP 865 Advanced Group Counseling – 3 credits 
CSP 869 Advanced Supervised Practicum in Counseling – 3 credits 
CSP 860 Advanced Leadership and Advocacy in Counseling – 2 credits 
CSP 870 Advanced Internship I – 3 credits 
CSP 871 Advanced Internship II – 3 credits 
CSP 875 Multicultural and Social Justice in Counselor Education, Supervision, and Research – 3 credits 
CSP 898 Capstone/Dissertation Seminar – 3 credits 
CSP 899 Capstone/Dissertation – 1 credit 
CSP 899 Capstone/Dissertation – 1 credit 

Required Fieldwork Requirements 
Doctoral students participate in a supervised doctoral-level counseling practicum of a minimum of 150 hours, of which 40 hours must be providing direct counseling services. The nature of doctoral-level practicum experience is to be determined in consultation with counselor education program faculty and/or a doctoral committee. Additionally, doctoral students are required to complete internships that total a minimum of 600 clock hours. The 600 hours must include supervised experiences in at least three of the five doctoral core areas (counseling, teaching, supervision, research and scholarship, leadership and advocacy).  

A capstone/dissertation is required. 

Note: In accordance with standards established by CACREP, a doctoral program should consist of a minimum of 48 semester hours of doctoral-level credits beyond the entry-level degree. This program will seek accreditation upon graduating the first cohort of completers.