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Application Deadline

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Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

The Master of Science program in chemistry offers students the opportunity to complete graduate studies in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, organic chemistry, or physical chemistry. Course work in the program, except in unusual circumstances, cannot begin until the student has an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The Master of Science degree in chemistry requires completion of a total of 30 credits (or approximately 10 courses) with a "B" or better average.

Master's Thesis Track

The thesis track requires the completion of the six core courses (18 credits) and a thesis (CHE 588, CHE 589, CHE 590, CHE 591) based on experimental research acceptable to the department. Students must complete the courses in sequence. The requirements for CHE 589 must be met in the semester for which the student is enrolled or a "Q" grade will be granted and the student will be required to register for the course in another semester. The thesis proposal (CHE 589) must be completed prior to enrolling for CHE 590. A student must apply to the department for the thesis defense and provide a final draft of the completed thesis at least two weeks prior to the defense date.

Comprehensive Examination Track

Students are required to complete 30 graduate credits (six core courses and four electives courses) and pass a comprehensive examination.  The comprehensive examination is designed to test the student's knowledge of the various areas of chemistry studied while pursuing the master's program.  The comprehensive examination is given once or twice a year depending on need.

Program Sequence - 30 Credits

 As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Required Courses

CHE 500 – Advanced Organic Chemistry I – 3 credits
CHE 520 – Advanced Physical Chemistry I – 3 credits
CHE 532 – Advanced Inorganic Chemistry – 3 credits
CHE 540 – Advanced Analytical Chemistry – 3 credits
CHE 550 – Advanced Biochemistry I – 3 credits
CHE 560 – Advanced Environmental Chemistry – 3 credits

Choose One of the Following:

Master Thesis Track

CHE 588 – Scientific Writing and Research Methods – 3 credits
CHE 589 – Research Thesis Proposal – 3 credits
CHE 590 – Research – 3 credits
CHE 591 – Research Thesis – 3 credits

Comprehensive Examination Track

Elective Options

CHE 500-999 level – 3 credits
BIO 500-999 level – 3 credits
MAT 500-999 level – 3 credits
MBA 500-999 level – 3 credits
PHY 500-999 level  – 3 credits
CSC 500-999 level – 3 credits
CHE 300-499 level – 3 credits
EXS 500-999 level – 3 credits

*Total of 12 elective credits required. Of these, at least 3 credits must be CHE 500-999, and a maximum of 6 credits can be CHE 300-499 upon approval of the graduate coordinator.