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Application Deadline

March 13


The Accelerated B.S./M.S. in Chemistry allows students to complete an M.S. degree in Chemistry with one additional year beyond their B.S. degree. Both degrees must be completed at Southern Connecticut State University. Students apply to the accelerated degree program during the spring semester of their junior year. The fourth and fifth year requirements are outlined below although there may be some slight variation in the 300/400 level courses depending on the courses that a student completes during their junior year. In order to complete the program, students must complete all requirements for the B.S. in Chemistry as well as the courses outlined below.

Admission Requirements

Students apply to the program during their junior year. Applications will be due by the Friday before spring break. In order to apply to the program, students must fill out an online application form at the School of Graduate and Professional Studies website, submit undergraduate transcripts (for any institution where they have taken undergraduate courses), provide a personal statement, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member indicating that they will be willing to supervise the student's thesis research. The materials should be submitted to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies application processing center. 

Program Sequence - 30 Credits

As sequencing changes, it is highly recommended that students meet with their program advisor to finalize a list of requirements for graduation.  

Senior Year

CHE 490 – Chemistry Research – 3 credits
CHE 491 – Chemistry Research II – 3 credits
CHE 500-999 – 3 credits
CHE 500-999 – 3 credits

Fifth Year

Choose nine (9) credits from:

CHE 500 – Advance Organic Chemistry I – 3 credits
CHE 520 – Advanced Physical Chemistry – 3 credits
CHE 532 – Advanced Inorganic Energy – 3 credits
CHE 540 – Advanced Analytical Chemistry – 3 credits
CHE 550 – Advance Biochemistry – 3 credits
CHE 560 – Advanced Environmental – 3 credits

Required nine (9) credits:

CHE 590 – Research – 3 credits
CHE 591 – Research Thesis – 3 credits
CHE 500-999 – 3 credits

*CHE 589 is required if the student is changing research advisers after the fourth year.