Business Administration

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Benjamin A. Abugri, Director
School of Business 116
Tel: (203) 392-5171

Maria Celina Alles-Gonzalez, Secretary
Tel: (203) 392-7179 

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Abdelsayed, Wafeek, Professor
Abugri, Benjamin A., Professor
Andoh, Samuel, Professor
Aselta, James, Associate Professor
Badr, Kauther, Assistant Professor
Birz, Gene, Associate Professor
Bodo, Peter, Professor
Dutta, Sandip, Associate Professor
Emenyonu, Emmanuel, Professor
Engel, Russell, Professor
Feeney, Kevin, Associate Professor
Forbus, Robert, Professor
Gebremariam, Yilma, Professor 
Han, Seungmin, Assistant Professor
Kim, Jung Hoon, Assistant Professor
Kim, Young K., Assistant Professor
Kim, Younjun, Associate Professor
Kirsch, Robert J., Professor
Kwak, Lynn, Professor
Lee, Minjae, Assistant Professor
Liu, Yue, Assistant Professor
Lodha, Shyam S., Professor
Nguyen, Khoa, Assistant Professor
Phillips, Janet, Professor
Pisano, Mark, Assistant Professor
Prince, Melvin, Professor
Robbins, Gregory, Associate Professor
Singh, Amitkumar, Assistant Professor
Smith, Robert, Associate Professor
Stewart, Carol, Associate Professor
Thorson, James, Professor
Wall, Alison, Associate Professor
Wang, Junhong, Associate Professor
Wang, Zheni, Assistant Professor
Wieland, Alice, Associate Professor
Yang, Chulguen, Professor
Yildirim, Alev, Assistant Professor
Yoon, Sang Won, Associate Professor
Yu, Han, Associate Professor
Yu, Jia, Assistant Professor